I hve sme doubt in pseudo code
I hve created da flow chart and c++ code but I need to create pseudo code I dnt no hw to create it
Becz da flow chart hve 2 inputs such as cot=0, ans='y'
And 5 option such as add inquiry , view all inquiry ,find an inquiry, edit inquiry data, delete inquiry
For(b=0,b<cot,b++) pls help me

Do you know what pseudocode is ? Read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pseudocode
or this link:

Lets try a simple:

set cot with 0
set ans with 'Y'
read option
case option of
    'A': add inquiry
    'V': view all inquiry
        read inquiry_number
        find inquiry with inquiry_number
    'E': edit inquiry
        read inquiry_number
        delete inquiry with inquiry_number

You can particularize each operation starting from my example.

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