I am working on PHP Framework now.I am 23 old . I will have 2 years of experience by 2016.And Company Bond will be over ,and i will be able to leave the company. I worked on cakePHP,Wordpress,WHMCS,Smarty etc.and will work on other PHP Technologies by 2016.

I want to work on JAVA .Should i learn it by myself throughtly or should i rely when i will get other company , if they want ,they will teach me Java in detail?

Well I am planning to get OCJP certification.

Everyday i think i should have died.Coz my friends(less talented in college) got java in their company and earn more than me now,I got PHP.Is PHP cursed?Thanks :(

How should i switch to java?

Re: I want to move PHP to JAVA ,How will i do it? 80 80

no, php is not cursed.
do you want to switch to Java? then start learning Java.
but do understand: if you want to learn Java in detail, be prepared for a one year full-time course. after that, you'll have completely mastered the basics.

don't underestimate it. sure, you have a great advantage by already having programming experience, so you might get some topics faster than those who don't, but still, Java is not something you should try to learn in a "learn Java in 24 hours" course.

Re: I want to move PHP to JAVA ,How will i do it? 80 80

Java spring is where you want to be money wise. Take a look...
Dotnet jobs also seem to command a better salary it might also be worth investigating before moving to java.

Re: I want to move PHP to JAVA ,How will i do it? 80 80

hmm, from my experience looking at job openings last year Spring is on the way out, at least getting a lot less popular.
Of course that might be regional :)

ADF is getting popular, cloud computing, REST.

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