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Hi, I think I might be doing something wrong. I am using Visual Web Developer 2010. I am trying to get a error message to pop up but the program keeps saying that 'Show is not a member of Messagebox' and I really don't know what to do. Here is the code below. I would really like if someone could point me in the right direction, please. Then error message code is at the bottom, Thanks.


    Dim decAddCharges As Decimal                'Additional Charges
    Dim decSubtotal As Decimal                  'Subtotal
    Dim decTax As Decimal                       'Tax
    Dim decTotal As Decimal                     'Total of all charges
    Const decTAX_RATE As Decimal = 0.08D        'Tax Rate. Consts CANNOT be changed by a programming statment

        'Calculate and display the room charges.
        decRoomCharges = CDec(txtNights.Text) *
                         CDec(txtNightlyCharge.Text)    '<---Calculating(mulitplying) the room charges
        lblRoomCharges.Text = decRoomCharges.ToString("c")  '<---Displaying decRoomCharges in lblRoomCharges

        'Calucalt and display the additional charges.
        decAddCharges = CDec(txtRoomService.Text) +
                        CDec(txtTelephone.Text) +
                        CDec(txtMisc.Text)              '<---Calculating(adding) the Additional charges
        lblAddCharges.Text = decAddCharges.ToString("c")    '<---Displayig decAdditionalCharges(decAddCharges
        'in lblAddCharges.

        'Calculate and display the subtotal.
        decSubtotal = decRoomCharges + decAddCharges '<---Calculating the Subtotal
        lblSubtotal.Text = decSubtotal.ToString("c")  '<---Displaying decSubtotal in lblSubtotal

        'Calculate and display the tax.
        decTax = decSubtotal * decTAX_RATE '<---Calculating(multiplying) the Tax
        lblTax.Text = decTax.ToString("c")  '<---Displaying decTax in lblTax

        'Calculate and display the total charges.
        decTotal = decSubtotal + decTax     '<---Calculating(adding) the Total Charges
        lblTotal.Text = decTotal.ToString("c")  '<---Displaying decTotal in lblTotal.

        'Change and display the total charges.
        lblTotal.BackColor = Drawing.Color.Blue
        lblTotal.ForeColor = Drawing.Color.White

    **Catch ex As Exception
        'Error message
        MessageBox.Show("All input must be vaild numberic values.")**
    End Try