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Please explain exactly what is confusing you. I assume you have Googled these questions and read some of the standard answers.

i know the 2 ways of creating a String object and wanna ask the third way ...
N its not my homework i like to study through online tutorials n i got stuck betweeen concat method of string and simply adding 2 strings


new String(something);
string1 + string2

The only difference I know between concat and + is their behaviour when either of the String refs is null.

(ps please don't use abbreviations like N for "and" - many of our readers have English as a second or third language)

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There are two ways to create a String object
1) String str="hello"
2) String str=new String("hello")
3) new String(str)

for second one look at below code

public class Concat {
    String cat(String a, String b) {
        a += b;
        return a;

If a is null, then the concat() method NPEs but the former will treat the original value of a as if it were "null". Furthermore, the concat() method only accepts String values while the + operator will silently convert the argument to a String (using the toString() method for objects). So the concat() method is more strict in what it accepts.

If you count methods that return a String then there will be an unlimited number of them. Internally, however, they will have to come down to one of the three techniques that the compiler understands (ps: Daemion CC - don't forget concatenation with the + operator).

James:there may be unlimited number of count methods for a string but here the question lies to differentiate between concatenation via concat() and '+' operator.

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OP posted two questions:

1) What are three ways of creating a String object ?
2) What is the difference between string concat method and simply adding 2 strings ?

I think the various responses have answered both. Job done.

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of course the second question already provides 2 of the required 3 methods for the answer to question 1 ;)

Yeah...Thanks for the help guyss
and now i will not use abbreviations... sorry for that :)

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