How to solve this ?I got mad because of this quation

Write a menu driven application using C language that performs some searching and sorting operations. Your application should be able to perform linear and binary search. In addition, it can perform sorting using one of the sorting algorithms as quick sort or selection sort. The input to the application should be a file with a list of some numbers. The result should be stored in a file.

It will show a menu of choices:

1-Linear Search
2-Binary Search

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First thing research how to institute a menu interface for you app.

Then start researching code examples for the different functions.

What you're asking for is easy to research and find.

Once you have some code you're trying to get working but can't start a new question.

but, it still vrey hard my brain can't accept it

Then you should start over again an study some of the various tutorials/instructional materials on C programming. Don't progress until you fully understand each one. Programming is mostly about fundamentals. Once you master those the rest is mostly memory work.

This is a dulicate thread.

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