I am new to programming and I am looking for a language that is easy to learn, and a relatively useful programming language. I don't know much about programming but I want to learn and I think here is the best place to start. I want to get started on the best easiest and a programming language that would be useful all by itself without knowing any other language. I kind started Javascript, Ruby and Python and I can't decide which one I should persue. I would like to build apps for android/pc and I really don't know which to persue further to accomplish that at the best and most effective way. Thanks for your help.

Python is nice. It has very clean syntax, and it is actively used in many fields. (Making apps, say with kivy, or say scientific and numeracle computing with the scipy stack, web development with, say django, or even system programming just by itself). This one probably most fit's your criteria.

That being said, I have kind of adopted the old MIT mentality of learning functional programming first (in say racket, which mit has posted their textbook for free online). It's not as practical or universal as python, but it is a very simple language, and it forces your mind to work in a more universal way to think. If you don't want to pick it up first (no one has any buisness telling you which language is "correct" to learn first), then I would atleast recommend taking a look at it down the line.