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Ok so the last couple of days i have been atempting to make a voxel engine for a cube world, i am intermediate in c++ and beyond the basics in opengl, i have a basic thought as to how the engine will fucnction.

the Engine:

  • programmed in c++
  • uses win32 api for a window with various enhancements (like a fps limiter made from a in house timer, etc.)
  • uses opengl libraries (GL.h, GLU.h, glew.h, and glm.hpp)
  • uses a vbo to make blocks and chunks
  • implements face culling on blocks and chunks
  • impements 3d picking using ray casting.
  • uses octree for colision detection and any entity calculations needed for the world, also handles block position calculations and player position calculations, and used to store and save world data(since octre already has a form of compression).

i really could use some help with making it like i said im slightly intermediate with c++ and beyond the basics in opengl
(meaning i can do some stuff in opengl but am still learing about it.), so any one that could mabey give hand, would definetly help.

currently need members:

  • another programmer other than myself.
  • a music artist
  • a pixel atrist
  • a sound effect artist
  • any one can apply for these roles in the team, wether or not you join is a different matter, i do not want disrespectful people on my team, nor do i want a overly bossy person, etc any on who will make the team less functional.(if you are a game loving passionate about you work type of person and love what you do come and join.)
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