I have run tuner from DirectX filter graphs. My Tv Tuner Card does not provide I/Q samples(Low frequency) as Realtek RTL2832u based USB Tuners so i need to get RF samples directly from TV Tuner Analog Audio out pin and store it in hard disk for digital signal processing post processing. I am unable to find any information on this topic also the Directx (Graphedit) application does not allow TV Tuner output pins to be connected to its Sample Capture filter. Please provide info with source code example.

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I wanted to capture RAW RF (Radio Frequency) data coming as output from Tv Tuner's Analog Audio output pin and record in hard disk for digital signal processing. The data is analog and only digtal data comes after crossbar filter.
can anyone tell would it be demodulated data or not because then it goes to filter named USB Tv device?
in any case how can i grab sampes and store them in hard disk using SampleGrabber filter programmatically?
please provide info with source code example.

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