Hi everyone. I got a situation here.

Usually making a T-SQL(using sqlclient) on a server is very simple in vb.net if you have access to a sever.
But I got this problem, where in a computer does not have access to that server but need to make a T-SQL on it without requesting an access.

I actually thought of 2 possible solution.
1. The application from the Computer(W/o access) will Use a valid IP address to connect on that server and make a T-SQL.
2. The application from the Computer(W/o access) will communicate to an application from the computer (w/ access) to make a T-SQL for it.

I actually want the 1st solution because it will save me time and effort and also, I only have a week to do this. But prankly, I don't know how to do the swapping of IP just to connect on the server.

Can someone help me with this?

thanks in advance.

The connection string is the same whether you want to use the server name or IP:
Dim conn As SqlConnection = New SqlClient.SqlConnection("server=;database=xxx;UID=yyy;pwd=zzz")

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