Hi everyone. I got a situation here.

Usually making a T-SQL(using sqlclient) on a server is very simple in vb.net if you have access to a sever.
But I got this problem, where in a computer does not have access to that server but need to make a T-SQL on it without requesting an access.

I actually thought of 2 possible solution.
1. The application from the Computer(W/o access) will Use a valid IP address to connect on that server and make a T-SQL.
2. The application from the Computer(W/o access) will communicate to an application from the computer (w/ access) to make a T-SQL for it.

I actually want the 1st solution because it will save me time and effort and also, I only have a week to do this. But prankly, I don't know how to do the swapping of IP just to connect on the server.

Can someone help me with this?

thanks in advance.

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The connection string is the same whether you want to use the server name or IP:
Dim conn As SqlConnection = New SqlClient.SqlConnection("server=;database=xxx;UID=yyy;pwd=zzz")

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