Hello Everyone !

I have build a c file but it use GNU library, I can not build it to exe file. It error because I don't know use MinGW to build.
Download file.

I have install MinGW but I don't know how to run it in my visual studio 2010.
So I need help build crunch.c to exe which run win 7 32bit or 64bit and please don't embed trojan or malware to exe file.


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If you have Visual Studio available why not just use that to build your binary directly?

[edit] I did not see that you were using a GNU library.

Are you able to build the exe by hand on the command line? Does that not provide a portable binary?

It was error with #pragma GCC system_header and

ifndef GNUC
error ERROR: You must use a GNU Compiler.
if (GNUC < 3 || !defined(GNUC_MINOR) || (GNUC == 3 && GNUC_MINOR < 4) || (GNUC == 3 && GNUC_MINOR >= 4 && GNUC_PATCHLEVEL < 5))
error ERROR: You must use a GNU Compiler version >= 3.4.5.

I can not build it, Can you build help me or show me, how do add MinGW to VS2010 ?

Install Eclipse with the CDA (C/C++) plugins (probably there by default now). Configure it to use your MinGW GNU compiler. That should work just fine. Eclipse is an IDE for Java, C, C++, and many other languages which will work on Windows, Unix, Linux, and other systems.

Thank rubberman !
I have been build finish it by Eclipse.

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