Hi there daniwebers. Its time for my project work and i want to create an sms based application that will aloow users to donate money to charity which will be used to help people who really need financial assistance. I want to wirte the program using java.
But my java skills are limited. i need any idea people have on how to create the program

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DaniWeb Member Rules (which you agreed to when you signed up) include:
"Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments"

Post what you have done so far and someone will help you from there.

The main problem you'll be having can be concluded from these two sentences of your post:

I want to wirte the program using java.
But my java skills are limited.

first of all, you would need to get a (basic) sms application to work, which is, most likely, far beyond your capabilities. next to that, the application would have to be able to 'understand' the texts written: who is the beneficiary? how much would you want to donate? and then comes the tricky part: you would have to be able to work out a complete "donation" system, from just an sms, sent by an application.

in short: you know nothing of the user, not even the phone number, yet you would expect to be able to subtract money from his/her account, and wire it to the account of a charity. So, to me, it looks like you didn't think this entire idea through as much as you should have.

a second huge problem, in my opinion:

Its time for my project work

your Java skills are limited, but it's already the time of your project? well, either you didn't pay enough attention to Java, or you may want to choose a language you are more experienced with.

a project assignment is not really the best time to start to learn tons of new frameworks, it's when you show off what you've learned during the year.
by now, you should have a (rough) analysis, whether just in your head or already on paper, of the project you:

a. want to deliver
b. actually CAN deliver
c. know meets the (minimal) requirements

don't go looking for people who can explain you how you should code, or that would answer your

i need any idea people have on how to create the program

remark. If you don't know how to create the program, don't. most likely, before you completely grasp the how-to-start, you'll be way over any (if any, that is) safety threshold of time, that might allow you to reconsider and start something you will be able to finish in time.
Saying "but I plan on doing a really huge project" won't change your deadline, it 'll just tell your professor you didn't plan ahead and have bad judgement in time management.

being able to deliver on time is an import part of your project, so don't stretch it.

commented: you are right +4

If this is from a summer college class, then the problem may be that the material was presented more quickly than it could be learned. I have found that CS instruction is very poor at some colleges and this project makes me curious: What was the actual assignment? Was this the first assignment?

There are three simple steps to follow when you are building something:
1. Decide what you want to build.
2. Build it.
3. Now make sure you built it correctly. (test it to verify that it meets the requirements)

People often ignore step 1 or 3. Whether building software for a client or completing a school assignment, the first step is to understand EXACTLY what you need to create. Maybe all that is required is just a mock SMS donation system that demonstrates the concept of moving virtual money from one virtual phone number to some virtual charity. That would not be an impossible project after a semester of work.

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