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any programmer here???

Many ... do you have a C++ coding question? Please show the code you have so far and any error messages. Please state the problem (you think) you are having as simply and as clearly as possible. We are not mind readers... but many here are very seasoned at helping you get started on the right track ... once we see 'where you are heading' vs 'where you really wanted to go.'

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polynomial any programmer here???

Answer: "Fourier series. Are you a chef?"

Point: You haven't provided us with any usefull information to be productive.

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I'm a professional figure skater.

Why else would anyone be here?

Also this has to be put somewhere in here: <div class="derailed">

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which code(c or c++ or java) you want tell me first

Well seeing as this is posted in the C++ forum, I'm going to make a wild guess that it's a C++ question ;)

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