Problem Solving Tools Total Marks: 50 Marks Due: Friday 22 August 2014

Suppose we want to construct a C/C++ program that can be used to calculate the area or the volume for a range of 2-D and 3-D shapes respectively. Consider only the following shapes.
(a) 2-dimensional shapes: triangle, square, rectangle, circle, and trapezium

(b) 3-dimensional shapes: cuboid, cylinder, cone, and sphere

Suppose that we want our program to firstly ask the user whether to calculate the area (2-D) or volume (3-D), then secondly ask for the type of the shape, then thirdly ask for inputs of all required dimensions, then fourthly calculate the required area or volume, and then finally display the required result to the user.


  1. Construct a flowchart for this C/C++ program. [15]
  2. Develop a pseudocode for this C/C++ program. [15]
  3. Construct a hierarchy (structure) chart for this C/C++ program. [10]
  4. Construct an IPO chart for this C/C++ program. [10]

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So? What's your question about the above?

Be specific, and show the code you already have.

flowchart? Didn't we replace those with interaction diagrams and things like that 20 years ago?

What you want actually? You need to convey the assignment idea or Answer for the question?!

if he's like all other homework kiddos he is now waiting for someone to give him a document with a fully worked out solution where he just has to put in his own name as the author...

What? Isn't copy and paste a skill?

The thing is not duplicated . Do me a favour sir / madam please. I kneel down please

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