I'm trying to use brace-initialization notation:

int number{}; 

But I get the following error: "expected an expression". Shouldn't c++11 allow this kind of initialization?

int number2(4)

works just fine.

Thank you.

What compiler are you using? MSVS 2013 does not have an issue with it. Also if you want to intialize number with 4 using braces you would use int number{4};


I'm usuing Visual Studio 12 with latest updates on Win7.

I tired

int number{4};

too, and still nothing.

Are you using Visual Studio 2012? I don't know of a Visual Studio 12 unless you are talking about version 12. If you go to Help -> About you will get a window like the attached. Post it here.

Yes, that one.



You are running Visual Studio 2012 which is version 11. version 11 has little to no c++11 support. You need to go to version 2013 update 3 to get te best support that Microsoft offers.

Thank you for your time and help.