Would it possible to get sample build.xml file with imports a properties sheet. Or links to good build file structure and maybe a example of a good file system to maintain? I am dl the ant manual now.
Anything that pertains to eclipse and ant would help me get started. Thanks

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I can not post code to this forum and no one will offer any kind of example at daniweb clearly.
You better believe I have one! You will have to find a way to ask me because dan8web does not offer a way to post code from tje phone. Go figire.

I w!ill give you a build file.xml and a build.properties and a myRepos.zip to place in a named eclipse project with nothing else other than the build.xml and it will create a advanced project file structure that complise with conventional file structures to maintain both the web app and desktop app and all the pertinent files will be placed in the correct dir with pre injected java utility class to handle joda time dom xml properties and dir copy and dir delete funcions and gui driven error handling panels. And much more.

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Yep it works with a simple keystroke you will be 3 years ahead of that trick question WITH NO ANSWER! You paid your professor to copy out of that $200 book with no answers. Get this answer and save yourself years and realize the importance of buying the answer and not worthless trick qiestions. If I could post it here I would give it to you free right now Free complements of the forum.


Yep there is a market for the answers

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