I have a couple java apps that run good in netbeans and in eclipse yet when I compile on the command line during the build.xml they all get these 100 errors.
The list looks daunting but they are all dealing with joda time. Not sure what is going on. I have the two classes producing these compile errors importing
Joda packages and I have jars that I am working with in eclipse that I added them to the build path.. Am I missing a jar or an import somewhere?

Is it possible that because I do not know the diff between eclipse right click to add a jar file to the build path and adding the jar to the class path?
When writing the build.xml I have can not seem to understand the difference or what it means.


import DateTime
import ReadableDateTime
import DateTimeFormatter
import org.joda.time.format.



I could not format the

Error but there 100 errors
Concerning it does not know what DateTime or any other common joda time method is

Maybe the java compiler is messed up.

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Are you compiling from the src folder, or the class folder?

I wish I could paste the task here but I use the javac task and the src is compiled and put into the build\classes folder.

I guess no one has a clue.
Maybe java and joda will work together one day.

WIth Java 8 Oracle have implemented new date and time classes that incorporate the best ideas from previous attemepts, and draw very heavily from Joda. There's probably no reason to use Joda any more, just use the new classes that are now part of the standard Java install.

@JamesCherrill not all using Java 8 yet :P

@James_30 given that you mention build.xml I believe you have Ant build and your IDEs (NetBeans, Eclipse) do know where to find joda jar in libs folder. However if you compiling from command line you need to include also path to any jar on compile time

Example (please correct me if wrong, didn't do this in ages...)

java -classpath C:\PATH_TO\joda-time-1.6.2.jar my.application.package.name
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