I dont know if this a right place to ask but anyway here you go:

I am trying count all occurrences word are that are in the file but i dont know how to do it but I can only do in like user have input in not from a file;


in file they have

the 50
is 20
on 5

and so on. but i couldnt get it to work.
I hope someone could help me out.


void main()
    int i = 0, j = 0, count = 0;
    char str1[100], str2[20], str3[20];
    printf("Enter the text: ");

    printf("Enter word to count: ");

    while (str1[i] != '\0')
        while (str1[i] != ' '&&str1[i] != '\0') //copying the word from the text to a new string
            str3[j++] = str1[i++];

        str3[j] = '\0'; //assigning null character at the end of string
        j = 0;

        if ((_strcmpi(str2, str3)) == 0)    //comparing the given word with the copied word

        if (str1[i] == '\0')

    printf("No. of words are %d", count);