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Hi I have a problem with converting a struct..

I got 2 different structs but they have the "same" data.


struct sStruct1
    BYTE  Base1;
    WORD  Base2;
    float Base3;


struct sStruct2
    BYTE*  Base1;
    WORD*  Base2;
    float* Base3;

Now I the problem: I have data inside the struct1 but I need to fill struct2 with the same data.
I have no idea how I could do this..

I tryed this but no luck

DWORD ConvertBYTE(void* pvValue, void* pvBuffer)
    BYTE* pbyBuffer = (BYTE*)pvBuffer;
    *pbyBuffer = *((BYTE*)pvValue);

    return sizeof(BYTE);

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Just copy the data.

sStruct1 first;
sStruct2 second;


first.Base1 = *(second.Base1);
first.Base2 = *(second.Base2);
first.Base3 = *(second.Base3);


*(second.Base1) = first.Base1;    
*(second.Base2) = first.Base2;
*(second.Base3) = first.Base3;

you can use contructors in structs but you have to define them

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