I've been working on a project I found on the Java Projects for learners thread. I've created a pokedex simulator that keeps track of pokemon. So far you can view a list of recorded pokemon, get more detailed info, add a pokemon, and it's all saved to files. However it's console only, and I want to make a GUI. I reasonably experienced in Swing, but I'm not sure how to go about it. The GUI would be really complicated by my standards, and I'm unsure what kind of layout to use and whether I should make JPanel children and stuff. Basically I can make a pretty GUI, but not a complicated/good one. I think I should use CardLayout.

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Start by just sketching it out on paper. Fiddle with that until it looks goood. Then (and not before) think about how to implement that with panels, layout managers etc.

Ahhh, paper, that thing from the stone ages. I've never even associated that with programming before. It'll probably help a lot, thanks!

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