imagine you have been employed as a programmer in an organization and the company uses manual way of performing simple arithmetic calculation; develop a simple calculator that will enable the sales to perform addition,multiplication and subtraction.

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Please read our rules concerning homework.

To clarify, the link to the list of forum rules can be found at the bottom of any Daniweb page. The most relevant rule here is:

Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments

The purpose of the forum is to assist new programmers in learning how to program. It is our collective view that simply providing solutions for homework problems does nothing to further this goal. As a matter of principle and pragmatism (since we don't want incapable programmers graduating with degrees they didn't earn, and then working with us in our companies), we are bound to limit our answers to guidance and hints rather than full solutions.

What Schol-R-Lea says, plus having someone else do your homework for you is cheating and likely to make you fail the class or get thrown out of school.

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