Currently we have legacy system which is build purely using java and runs on jboss. We notice its using a lot of jms and also httpurl connectivity to pass on files. The system basically supports rossetta net framework where it allows file transfers between trading partners. We notice with the currenty technology we can build the all front end interface and run fully on apache httpd server and leave the back end running on java which deals on http connectivity. Is this the right move for us to proceed or stay put with jboss ?

Programmers love to write new, but better is the enemy of good enough. Make a business case. What is the cost to maintain (finding resources with old/diverse skills), the performance limits (hard to pin down as HW gets faster all the time). How big is the problem you are fixing. Can you make it more homogenous, simpler, less lines of code? Can you raise capacity?

I agree with you david. Yes the problem now is finding the resource with old and diverse skill and maintaining it. We have already have the idea on how to redevelop the whole software into the new php + java platform. Offcourse the new software will be far more less complex as I notice lots of things from jboss can be eliminated.