Hello Developers,
I know nothing about how to make software. But I need a software. Anyonehelp me please....
I need a softwaer which will be able to download a pdf file from a server. that is - (http://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/). In this site there is a button (Print Register Application) If we click this button site will redict a new page where you will see a form. There is several Section -- {Indian Mission Name - Select - Bangladesh Dhaka.} If we select this we will se a new button named - Get Appointment. Now we have to fill up next fields.. {Web File Number - BGDDWC5E6114 Date of Birth - 02/06/1959 Passport Number - BC0016504} Now fill Access code and click Get Appointment. Now site redicts a new page where we have to select a date and click Confirm Appointment Date button. If we click Confirm Appointment Date then a pdf file will be download in where should be print a form with appointment date. I need download this pdf file with appointment date.
This appointment date is available only 8.27AM to 8.35AM( Bangladesh Time)
The Server is very busy at this time. Even I am unable to access this website's main page in this time. The server shows Problem loading page in this time.
Is it possible to make any software which will be able to download this pdf file with apointment date in this time? Please, Developers help me.

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Don’t insist any member to do any illegal work.

commented: sir, it is not illegal work. People are using software for this. But they are asking high rate for the software. +0


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