Hi All,

In my project i have multiple packages. And one package can have other packages as dependencies. And each packages were having their own pom.xml which contains the dependency packages details. We have the overall parent pom.xml which will run build of all the packages. And individual package pom.xml will build the respective package.

My requirement is to build the dependency packages before while running the individual package.

For instance: If my project holds the packages A,B,C,D,E

If Package A has the dependencies as package B,C, on running the Package A build it should build Package B,C first then it should build the Package A.

I need to achieve this in maven. Please assist me on this. Is there any maven plugin available to achieve this?

Note: I don want to run the parent pom.xml since it will run all the packages.

Thanks in Advance.

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Without seeing actual poms it is hard to advice. Nevertheless Maven shoul dbe warning you about double imports of same package, given that project A needs B and C you should not be adding these again.

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