can anyone help me to Write a script that can find gene palindromes, including reverse-complement non-repeating
palindromes with an intervening spacer region.

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Hi Ghazal_1,

I want to believe you are new on this forum, thus you don't know how things works.
People cannot just give you a working script on gene palindromes, when they don't know what you have tried and the problems you are having. Except, that they know you are asking for a working script.

Some others that might be a able to help, are not biologyist, so are you also asking them to find out what gene palindromes is then, write up a working script, and that with what data input?

So, please help people to help you, by trying to make some effort and stating clearly where and how other people's help will benefit you the most.

I would have love to help, but since I don't know how your data looks like. The protein DNA you are comparing, and the outcome or desired output. There is no way to come up with a script that might not help in the end.

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