I'm pretty new to Java and I'm taking a class where I need to program an 8-Puzzle Problem in Java. I would love to be able to program it Java in Processing so that I could see the movment of the blocks. I'm generally a vidual learner.

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what is 8 puzzle program?

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what is 8 puzzle program?

by a vidual learner, I assume you mean 'visual learner', as in looking at code, without actually checking what it is it does in the background?
especially if you are "pretty new to Java", don't just look at code. you'll learn nothing, except how to copy-paste code.

First, you may need to think about how to do it by hand. Create a step-by-step of how to do it. Once you completely understand how the puzzle work step-by-step, then we could start talking about programming. :)

By the way, DO NOT think about implementing it with Graphic User Interface (GUI) yet! You can't jump from step one to ten in one jump!

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