Title : Monument
Budi wants to build a monument on the land of size N x M (3 <= N, M <= 500) plots the square. Monument to be built has a square base that is rotated 45 degrees and the monument occupies a plot located in the middle of the base. Keep in mind that the area of the base should be larger than the monument. In building the monument, Budi very fussy with the level of the beauty of the monument. Each plot has a level of beauty P (-1000 <= P <= 1000) were different. Level beauty monument calculated from the total area covered by the level of beauty pedestal monuments including the monument itself. Help Budi to build the most beautiful monuments. Since this is a government-owned project then Budi should not be to not build the monument.
The first line contains an integer T (1 <= T <= 100), which states the number of cases. Each case consists of two lines, the first line contains two integers N and M are declared plot size. The next N lines each containing M integers separated by spaces that express the degree of beauty in each plot.

For each case, the output consists of a line containing an integer stating the level of the greatest monuments of beauty that can be built by Budi.
input :
3 3
1 1 1
1 1 1
1 1 1

Output :

So what exactly do you need help with? Just posting your problem statement and hoping someone will give you code isn't going to work here.

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please help me, i'm newbie here. i can make this program but error pseucode. give me a pseucode about this.

i can make this program

By all means, why don't you? MAKE it!
If it gives you errors tell us about it, we will kindly try to fix them.