Hello. I'm a software engineer at NASA. I was wondering how some programmers would go about making a guidance system. I have a design but I want to compare it to other programmers in order to improve it.

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It's all in the physics - acceleration, inertia, vectors. So, if you want help, or some criticism, post your design here. My wife is a particle physicist. I am an EE and software engineer. My grandson designs robotic aircraft that can self-navigate a course and land autonomously - he does all of the design of craft and control systems, designs the electronics, builds the electronics, programs the systems, builds the craft, and then flys it. The rotary craft he builds he can throw out of the window of a car at 40mph and it will self-stabilize, run its course, and then land where he programmed it to after up to an hour in the air. Sounds like NASA could use someone like him!


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