i need a program that saves the record of three students in one subject then saves the file. again calling this file to calculate the total of the projects,assignments, final exams and finally do grade for three of them. at the end the students record should be puttedin menu of file

Excellent. You know what you need, now you have to code it. Good luck.

wow, i love his reply...makes my day and made me smile...

And, if we do his homework, do we get his degree? :-)

It would only be fair. Unless he wants to pay for the work to be done. I'll offer my services for $250 USD per hour.

Only $250/h ? I would charge at least $1000 USD for the whole project and probably finish it in one hour. Which would give me 3 hours of relaxation.

I'll give you a tip, i'm also a noob, and i'm learning by myself grabbing and reading books, the community in here is nice, they helped me a lot, the thing i learned is, that you first need to read books or google tutorials, write your code and try and after a lot of tries, and you code is not working, is when you go asking people.

Happy coding ...

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Fixed price projects... I'm involved in one of those right now. We are working our butts off to make it worth it! Ach, sales people! They will promise the Universe, and then expect the techs to deliver on-time, under-budget, and add some cherries on top!

@rubberman. I was just joking. The last profesional job I did was more a service for a good colleque at work. I did this for free. I was just in retirement and I had no deadline!