I started to learn python today by myself using this course:

Is that a good start?
which book for beginners do you recommend ?

*the problem with that course is that i found a lots of things in that code i do not understand i need a book which explains every detail.

Byte of python and hacking ciphers with python is what I used, and I pretty much loved them. However, This is a great starting point and it is online, good examples and detailed explanations

The Python manual at
contains a tutorial you may play with. Use the IDLE IDE that comes with your Python installation and start typing the code and try it out. Python makes it easy to experiment.

John Guttag's video lectures are excellent but a little heavy on Computer Science and your brain. Sometimes I wish he would use a little humor.

Here is a simple introduction:
lots of exercises (online):
online tutorial series:

There is always ...

"Beginning Python From Novice to Professional" is a good book too...

The best start for python is "Python for Kids.pdf". You can download the book from here:


I started python with that book, it was a great tutorial with so clear explanation. Attention that it's a book for kids! So you can't find any other refrence better than this! Try it.

I do not want to confuse you by adding more books to your list but al sweigart free books are good books to practice with after you have learned the basics of python