#Author : Bikash Guragai
#versione : 1.0
#email : bikashguragai@gmail.com or bikashguragai@programmer.net

import random

print ("Hello and welcome")

Name = input("What is your name: ")
print ("Nice to meet you",Name)

ok = input("Click enter to move on")

play = input("Lets play a game")

b = input("Think of any Any number")

c = input("Add that number by it self")
g = random.randint(1,50) 
print ("Now add",g) 
ans = g/2 
h = input("Now divide that number by 2")  
i = input("Now Subtract that number by the number you guessed at first") 
print("your number answer is",ans)

Again = input("Did you like this game yes or no: ")

if Again == "no":

    print("Share this to your friends")
    print("Thank you")


That is very simple math. Try to see if you can come up with something more complex(You should tell the user that they can use a caculator.) Also in line 34 what if the answer is "1221" or somthing random like that?

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