I am trying to develop an interface for my hotel reservation system where for a particular date, the interface should display rooms that are booked so that the staff can book the rooms that are available (similar to airline seating reservation system which displays reserved and open seats)
Can I get help in which technology to use to build the interface. So far I am using J2EE and JSF to build this web application. For the interface should I use components like Swing and integrated that with my XHTML page or is there any other way to achieve the same?

Your question is not clear.

  1. What have you tried so far that did not produce the results you wanted?
  2. Do you want your application to be web based or a desktop application?

Consider checkig this link .

A few remarks: for questions about webapps, this subforum is more the place to post.

If you are still using J2EE, it would be time to upgrade. J2EE became obsolete early 2006. Go for an up to date version of Java EE instead.
There is no specific reason why you should use Swing components.