I'm trying to change the form icon on an app I'm creating but I've forgotten how. Does anyone remember how to create a winform icon from an image file (i.e.- jpeg, bmp, etc)?

As a workaround I downloaded some icon files that I found through Google. I still want to know how to turn my jpegs into .co file (if possible).


Well, I googled this.

ddanbe, thank for your feedback.

Yes, I'd found that same article, but it doesn't exactly explain the steps the author took to 1) "import" his image into the editor and 2) convert the image he used to an .ico file. I attempted to play around a little bit with MS Paint, but even after I saved my image as an .ico file VS 2010 did not recognize the file.


The article mentions: Next go to Paint and do a select all and copy. Next, go back to Visual Studio and paste into the icon file.
So I guess this must work.

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