Im trying to animate a sprite just like how that MUGEN game engine does.

Ive been searching the net for an example/documentation but none of it works like on that game engine.

All game engine or example on the net uses fixed delay on each sprite ie. 5 ticks but MUGEN game engine, each sprites has its own delay which im too "noob" to think how to do it.

If anyone kind enough to give me some example just to show how to work with the sprite delay thingy, it would be great.

Another thing is what was that sprite tick delay on each sprite on MUGEN game engine? is it time delay or frame delay? Also how to calculate it?

Thanks for those who help

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Each sprite should be an object, with a tick delay as part of its member variables. So, when you tell a sprite to "delayAndMove" (or something like that), it will set a timer to the internal tick delay, and then move. There are also other methods you can use. What will work best for you depends upon too many factors to go into here.

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