Hi guys!

Just needing a little of your help here. I have been looking for a free IDE where I can program in C++ for the past months now after messing up my MSVS 2013 for Desktop. I found Netbeans to be a nice alternative. But I am having some issues about setting it up.

I am not sure (even after watching youtube videos) how to add compilers

I thought I needed to download and install Cygwin, which I did. But everytime I try to create a new project, a pop up says "No valid compilers were found..." or something like that.

What am I missing here?

IF your in Malaysia, I can setup Mingw32 + JDK1.8 (not the JVM) + Netbeans8 for RM50.0 or treat me to buffet lunch in 5 star hotel with wifi. We shall lunch and install/setup simultaneously and you will settle our bill. Agree?

This thread is solved. I had to redo the installation so many times.