Hello Friends. I am working in a Java assignment and I am seriously in need of a help. Since I am new to programming, I need an assist. The program which I have to do has the following specifications:
Scanners should be used compalsarily
The green grocer has asked you to write a program to help him manage the sales of his fruit and vegetables.
You are to write a Java Console Application (FruitVegShop.class) which will allow him to enter the name of the customer then enter the details of N produce purchases. N should be equal to the highest digit in your student ID, use N=3 if your highest digit is less than three. For each produce purchase the program will prompt for and accept the name of the produce, the weight of the produce in kilograms and the price per kilogram.
The required Java Console Application should allow the user to: 1. Enter the Customer name. For each of the N purchases 2. Enter the Name of the produce. 3. Enter the Weight of the produce in kilograms. 4. Enter the Price per kilogram 5. The application will calculate and display the weight, name, price per kg and the total cost of the purchase.
2.30 kgs of apples at $3.40 per kg is $7.82
The program will number each purchase
6. When N purchases have been entered the user will enter if the customer is eligible for a discount (students and pensioners), if the customer is eligible for a discount they will receive 10% of the final price. 7. Finally the customer name, number of purchases and the total costs paid will be displayed (see sample output below). 8. Display the discount amount only if the customer is eligible. 9. Display a welcome message at the beginning “Welcome to Rocky Fruit and Vegetable Market” and an end message e.g. “Thank you <customer name> for shopping at the Rocky Fruit and Vegetable Market” and the final line “Written by <your student ID>” (see sample output below).
All numeric literal values i.e. N and DISCOUNT must be represented as constants.

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