I am trying to get specific value(s) for a webpage that contains a highchart line chart...

From the example below, I use chrome dev tools to view source and I see the following snip-it:

<circle class="data-points" id="frequency-data-point-1" cx="85" cy="434.96683928513573" r="4" tooltip="<strong>Frequency: </strong>1<br /><strong>APM: </strong>0.095"></circle>

I like to return return `0.095' for example

I've tried using the following and other combinations but am unable to return the value I'm looking for

div.ng-scope > data-frequency-line-view#frequency-line-view > svg > circle#frequency-data-point-1

I tried finding element by id since there is an ID and it does seem to find the element...but I haven't been able to return only the attribute I want.

Here is my helper file that finds elements by Id that have a text...I use it for comparing values and it works good for 95% of items on page....

I have been modifying a new helper that has the same idea of finding element and comparing them....just having issues with the highchart stuff:

helpers.expectTextIdMatch = function(elementId, expectedText, callback) { browser.findElement(by.id(elementId)).getText() .then(function(text) { text = text.trim().toLowerCase(); text.should.equal(expectedText.toLowerCase()); }) .then(callback); };