I am developing a database system and as part of a project I have been asked to look into fault tolerance.

From what I understand a fault tolerant program is a program that is not vulnerable to errors.

Any ideas how I can ensure that the program I am buiding is fault tolerant.

My guess is that if I use exeptions for every methods in my classes that will make my system fault tolerant?


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a fault tolerant program is a program that is not vulnerable to errors.
if this is so, there isn't a single fault tolerant program in existence. every program is vulnerable to errors.

What you can do, however, is anticipate them. Anticipate every single error that might occur, and implement decent error and Exception handling for them. This will make it look like errors can't occur to the user.


Actually, 'fault tolerance' has more to do with gracefully recovering from exceptional situations than with avoiding them entirely. Setting up exception blocks around fault-sensitive code (e.g., pretty much all I/O) is a good starting point, but not sufficient in and of itself; you have to know how to handle the exceptions, not just trap them.

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