hello dears
i tray code the button which can send SMS from my server (i'm ethiotelecom employer) to any cell phone but the SMS faild always. pls can you help me?

First off, is this a program you have developed yourself, or one provided by the company or some third-party vendor? Ifn the latter case, there probably isn't much we can say - this is a programming forum, not a technical support forum, and it is unlikely that anyone here is familiar with the program in question. You would be better off trying the following, in order, until you solve the issue:

  • read the technical documentation for the program,
  • search the web for information, and see if this is a known issue with the product,
  • contact the vendor's help desk for support,
  • find a technical group specific to that system, or at least one specializing in SMS or telecommunications software in general.

For the latter two steps, you will need to give them the name and version of the program, the operating system (e.g., Windows, Linux or MacOS) it is running on, and the circumstances in which you are trying to use it.

If, on the other hand, it is a program you have written, then we will need to know the basics of the program and its environment - what language it is written in, what libraries it uses, what platform it runs on, what tools were used in developing it, and so forth - before we can even begin to give you any help. Chances are, we will need to see at least part of the program code, as well, though you will want to try to isolate the specific part that you think is failing and post only that part, if you can.

In either case, I would recommend read "How to Ask Questions the Smart Way" by Raymond and Moen before continuing, as they give excellent advice on how to approach a technical forum in a productive manner (don't contact the authors of that essay for help, though; they get too many people asking for help on subjects they are unfamiliar with as it is).