I am getting java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -131072 exception. when i am running the code from my local machine (eclipse) it works fine, when i copied my code to unix server, the same code is giving error.

Exception trace:

=============== In generate Report Method =================
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -131072

at xlrd.biff.CompoundFile.<init>(CompoundFile.java:282)
at xlrd.biff.File.<init>(File.java:86)
at xlrd.Workbook.getWorkbook(Workbook.java:106)
at com.sample.Report.generateReport(Report.java:116)
at jsp_servlet.__testing._jspService(__testing.java:82)[Click Here](null)

Here is my code :

String file_path = "/scratch/ofsaaapp/ftpshare/RRR/INPUT/Summary_form.xls"; 
xlrd.Workbook excelWorkbook1 = null;
xlrd.Sheet sheetObj1 = null;
excelWorkbook1 = xlrd.Workbook.getWorkbook(new File(file_path));    // Line number 116-- which is giving error.
System.out.println("Number of sheets :: "+ noofSheets); 

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From the fragment of the stack trace you post it looks like something goes wrong either opening or parsing the file.
That indicates a problem with the file, most likely it's either corrupt or in a format that the library doesn't understand.

I rechecked my input files, it seems to be proper.
How do i confirm that file is proper or currupted ?
Thanks in advance.

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