How do I import some values from .txt files to a VB.NET DataGridView and then store them on a SQL database?

I don't need all file values. I don't know how to get words after ; or ;;; or 1 SPACE or 3 spaces, and after the loop is finished reading, I need it to move the .txt file from its folder to another one and get the next file so I don't want to enter a file name, only the folder path, and every two minutes it will read all folder files.

Here is one of my .txt files

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Please show us what you have done so far. We are not going to write the app for you. In the future, please post all relevent files on this forum by clicking the paperclip icon in the edit box toolbar. It would also help if you were to show us (using your sample text) exactly what information you want to extract. Your description is incomplete.

I have the same problem before but to solve my problem I use a long method.

My System works like this (it is a long method):

  1. My Textfile (.txt) will be opened as MS excel. Why? because with the power of Delimited it is separated by cell (Space Delimited).

  2. MS Excel going Datagridview which is some of the data don't need to be read.

note: I used/get numbers only so not sure about string

But I'm curious about how you do it automated so I'll be watching this topic for someone to solve this. It will be helpful to me if someone does.

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