HI guys .....
i m trying to create a search engine through java.....
is it possible??
if yes then would you please tell me how....??

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please don't start two threads with the identical same question.

There is an assignment like that in CompSci 2nd year courses. They give you about 1/2 the semester to complete such which tells you the amount of work you would need to put into such a thing.

But since this is not for school or credit, why not search around for such and modify it to your needs?

The answer is "YES it is possible." However, is it possible for you to implement? My answer would be "I don't know." I have no idea how skillful you are, what features you want in a search engine, what type of content your engine can search, what type of medium it can search, etc... The more features you want, the more difficult of the task it becomes. The simpliest feature you may try to implement is String search...

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