Hello All,

Recently, I have been thinking of creating a software that will detect network packets and then develop it as I go along. Can you help me point to the correct detection. As in, if there is any articles you can recommend which I can read?

I would appreciate it, if you can just push me in the right direction.


Before you go too far, consider current sniffers that are open source and working.

And even before you do that, for wired networks, many packets will never be seen by your Ethernet card because "Ethernet switches" won't send you packets not sent to you. I've seen folk dive into this then get very discouraged as they learn the packets are never seen by you on the LAN.

Unless you learn how to do Arp Cache poisoning... ;)

Don't know if there is any windows specific Arp Cache poisoning software available for you though, I think most of the time it only runs on linux because the hackers prefer them, linux doesn't necissarily need antivirus, on windows AV eats your tools.

P.S. I don't condone hackery, just realize there is a whole new world out there called penetration testing which is legal.