Hi I'm creating an application and in DEBUG mode I have zero errors, but when I switch to RELEASE I have this error:

--------------------Configuration: ipfix - Win32 Release--------------------
Command line error D2016 : '/ZI' and '/O2' command-line options are incompatible
Error executing cl.exe.

Can you help me please,

Thanks, Regards

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It's just what the error says. You can't have that particular debugging switch active when optimizing for speed. Under your project settings, the general tab in C/C++, you can change Debug Information Format to disabled.

Thanks :)

Check your compiler optimisation switches in project properties or something (I havn't used VC++ ide ever but I guess they're in there somewhere)

If you look here:

You will see that command line switch /ZI means include debugging symbols

/O2 means compile 'fast' code

They are obviously mutualy exclusive you can't compile lots of debug code in AND have fast code!

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