Hello to all! I am learning java. And now I have started section of web apps in java. I have learnt initial level web development by coding on notepad. Now I am using netbeans IDE for java. But in case of web development i am facing a problem using netbeans. In project categories there is no category of "java web". For this issue I searched and found two plugins on netbeans.org. But they did not work for my case. Please guide me what should I do to add interface of "java web" in project categories of my netbeans 8.0.2 IDE?

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NO i have note installed these two plugins. I have just installed netbeans IDE 8.0.2 and it supports only Java SE, Java Fx and Maven projects. According to u what should I do? Should I find these plugins or should I install Java EE from netbeans.org?


Installing the plugin "Java Web and EE" should work fine for you.
You may also need to install the Apache Tomcat & Glassfish servers.

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