Hello to all! I am learning java. And now I have started section of web apps in java. I have learnt initial level web development by coding on notepad. Now I am using netbeans IDE for java. But in case of web development i am facing a problem using netbeans. In project categories there is no category of "java web". For this issue I searched and found two plugins on netbeans.org. But they did not work for my case. Please guide me what should I do to add interface of "java web" in project categories of my netbeans 8.0.2 IDE?

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Please check whether you have installed the plugin "Java Web and EE".

NO i have note installed these two plugins. I have just installed netbeans IDE 8.0.2 and it supports only Java SE, Java Fx and Maven projects. According to u what should I do? Should I find these plugins or should I install Java EE from netbeans.org?

I have downloaded juse Java SE.

Yes, you should download and install Java EE

Installing the plugin "Java Web and EE" should work fine for you.
You may also need to install the Apache Tomcat & Glassfish servers.

Tomcat and Glassfish are part of the standard EE download

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