"Without using code" means "in Netbeans GUI designer"? If so I can't help. In my opinion the GUI designer is far more trouble than it's worth for any real life application where you're worried about cross-platform differences and handling window re-sizing. I just write the code; it's not that hard, and you know exactly what you're doing.

People often add a JLabel with an ImageIcon and stack that behind their actual content


Thank a lot JAMES for helping me out ... can you suggest me a book to refer for java basics .. or how should I learn java .. some tips .. And you must have realised that I am a beginner .. so HOW should I start ??


I'm really not the person to ask - I learned Java by writing Java programs over 20 years ago, but before that I had 25 years experience programming in more languages than I care to remember (although Smalltalk is the one I remember most fondly)... somewhat different from your situation!
I do think that books are dangerous - out of date by the time they get into print. Sadly the same is true of many web sites as well. You should ignore anything earlier than Java 7, and ideally look for sites that have been updated for Java 8.

I'm a huge fan of the original Sun/Oracle tutorials
they are current, detailed, and definitive - although that does mean that they are not easy. That's where I go first when I need to get up to speed in a new area.

I'm sure others here will chip in with their own preferences...

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