I am a student struggeled in the following task I very appreciate if you can help, and send me an e-mail of solutiont ASAP please.
The task is: Design and implement an object-oriented program describing two kinds of bank
accounts, FixedFee and ChargeableFee, that differ in the way that fees are charged:
•FixedFee: There is a fixed £5.00 fee at the end of the each month
•ChargeableFee: Each withdrawal costs £0.50. The total fee is calculated and charged at the end of the month.
to use inheritance so as to avoid duplicating code between the two kinds of account class. This can be done by
arranging them in a hierarchy below a common abstract account class.
Besides designing and implementing the account classes, you should create two further classes containing main()
methods. One of these should be an interactive application program acting like a Bank,that allows
the user to open an account, deposit and withdraw cash and see the monthly state
ment. User interaction can take place on the console, via pop up windows, or using
a full GUI. The other class should be a non-interactive test class that checks the functionality of the account classes.
Both kinds of account class should store the current balance and contain the following methods.
•constructor(initial Balance)creates a new account.
•deposit(amount) adds amount to the balance.
•withdraw(amount) subtracts the amount from the balance.
•endMonth() this method will be called once a month. It should levy any monthly fee at that time and print out the monthly bank account statement.

The ChargeableFee account will also need to store a running total of the number of transactions and the methods will have to update this appropriately.
Your solution should comprise the following.

  1. Analysis and Design: (i) a class diagram outlining the class structure for your
    proposed solution. (ii) a set of summary tables describing the fields,
    constructors and methods for each class you intend to create.
  2. Implementation: A print out of the Java source code of your complete program. That is - each of the account
    classes, the application class and the test class.
  3. Test Results: A print out of the output from your test program with evidence of
    data validation. Also a set of proposed test cases presented in tabular format.
jwenting commented: hopeless homework kiddo -3

you can help, and send me an e-mail of solution

No, absolutely not.
That will not help you (unless your only objective is to be a learn-nothing cheat).

Yes, we will help you, IF you make a proper effort to learn and develop. Show your work and we will support you.

You need to write it out such as psuedocode or a flow chart which will help you best. In each section derive the method you wish to use and then what each should do and when (such as charge at end of every month vs. every transaction). Do some research online and see what else you can find to help solve your solution and learn rather than get other to do your work for you. It may take longer but in the long run it will be more helpful.

You need to write it out such as psuedocode or a flow chart

Well, maybe, but in this case the brief and the required artifacts point clearly to an O.O. methodology. What's required is class diagrams and member details, leading to object definition code. There are no use cases, so it's going to be confusing to start with anything that's flow or logic based.
The brief is very detailed, so OP. should find it much easier than he expects if he just follows the instructions step-by-step.

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