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hello James,

If this is your first visit to DaniWeb, welcome.

If by some chance you've mistaken the forum for "coderz-for-hire" or if you thought you saw a big "We'll do your homework for you" banner on top of the page, I'm afraid you're mistaken.

DaniWeb is a group of fora where people with a technical background (analysts, database admins, developers, ...) help people with issues they have with their work. We don't provide you with functional code, certainly not based on a single sentence command.

Create an analysis, and start implementing it. If you come into a problem, come back to DaniWeb, post the relevant code with a clear description:

expected behaviour
actual behaviour
any error messages/stacktraces
whether it is a compile- or runtime error
for a runtime error, what the input is

And we'll try to help you out.

Do understand that we are all volunteers, and are in no way obliged to spend our free time to help you out, it's something we choose to do. So please don't disrespect us in a way that you consider us to be your (unpayed) employees who have to jump at each of your hints, without you putting in the least of effort yourself.

EDIT: to help you figure out what is approved as a post, here a link to the posting rules

Edited by stultuske: Added a link to the rules

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