My application is developed in visual basic 6 and oracle 11g express is its database. Now we need to make it available on our network for multiple users to use it simultaneously. How can I configure it for the same. What is the procedure to make my application a networked multi user app. What installations should I do on other systems. Should I make a “setup” of my app to install on each system? And further more how the connection between the app and database will be created? Thanks.

While I have done this the answer is as you noted PLUS you write an install DOCUMENT for others to get it working.

That is, not everything is handled by your code or installer. YOU KNOW HOW TO DO THIS WORK. Now put that into the document.

This is not a trivial task.

Not only do you have to install all of the Visual Basic support components, but you also have toidentify in your application of you are using any third party components. Those must be installed as well, and most likely registered.

You may want to look at Inno Setup. It is a free installer program for Windows.

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As far as a connection string for your app, that is hard to say. If you are using ADO, the connection string you are currently using may well work on other machines if they are trying to connect to the same database you do.