Previously open programs normally winxp on 32 bit , pass through win7 on 64 bit errors, have you any knowledge of this error ?

<html><head><META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=UTF-8"><title></title><style>.ErrorStyle { font-family: tahoma; font-size: 11 pt; text-align: left}.DetailsStyle { font-family: tahoma; font-size: 10pt; text-align: left;text-indent: 0; word-spacing: 0; line-height: 100%; float: left; margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0}.StackStyleVisible { font-family: tahoma; font-size: 10pt; text-align: left; margin-left: 20; text-indent: 0}.StackStyleHidden { display:none; font-family: tahoma; font-size: 10pt; text-align: left; margin-left: 20; text-indent: 0}</style></head><body><DIV class="DetailsStyle" width="100%"><table border="0" width="100%" id="table1" height="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr><td height="40" bgcolor="#FF9999" width="8%" style="letter-spacing: 0" align="center"><img border="0" src="C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\115EBDE.tmp" width="35" height="35" alt="ErrorImage" ></td><td height="40" bgcolor="#FF9999" width="91%" style="vertical-align: top; letter-spacing: 0" align="left"><b><font size="2" face="Arial" fontsize="70%">One or more errors encountered while loading the designer. The errors are listed below. Some errors can be fixed by rebuilding your project, while others may require code changes.</font><font size="2" face="Arial"></font></b></td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" align="left" valign="top"><DIV id="div1" class="ErrorStyle" width="100%"><span style="font-weight: 600"><br>Unable to read beyond the end of the stream. </span><br><a href="" id="details0">Hide</a><font color="#0000FF">    </font></DIV> </td> </tr> <tr><td colspan="2" align="left" valign="top"><DIV id="div20" class="StackStyleVisible" width="100%"><br> at System.IO.__Error.EndOfFile()<br> at System.IO.BinaryReader.FillBuffer(Int32 numBytes)<br> at System.IO.BinaryReader.ReadInt32()<br> at System.Resources.ResourceReader.ReadResources()</DIV></td></tr></table></div></body></html> 

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That's one long error. Can you rummage through it to find Waldo? (the error.)

I mean I read the first line "<html><head><META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=UTF-8"><title></title><style>.ErrorStyle { font-family: tahoma; fon" and all that and more can be tossed to get down to the error.

That is, can you do the rummaging for us?

Now, i can not debug on win7 on this error (press F11 key), how do you debug this case ?

Hi don,
You didn't pare down that dump to just the error. It seems you are straying from your first question so I take it you fixed that and now have a new issue?

Some of what is here makes me worry your Visual Studio is incompatible with the new OS or something else.

I think VS2005 still works well because other examples still run fine. What else do you have ?

@d, the oldest VS I have is at the office and it's VS2008. I recall that VS2005 needed service packs or bizarre problems happened. I would be guessing your new dev machines are just that.

So, all patched up?

I ran VS2010 still fails on win7, how do you solve this problem ? Also I would like to ask you more about this issue. When designing a form dragging objects (forms) into an edit and delete form, somehow the object on the form is deleted but the code in the form (Form.Designer.cs) does not delete the form. Is there a way to quickly find code not deleted in the above file ?

@dongtrien. I don't see an answer to my question but a leap in some new direction. I know that it's upsetting to have troubles like this but maybe it's time to get more folk on your team or a call to Microsoft?

This is just a discussion and exchange is not uncomfortable, thank you for reading my article.

I have had the odd project get corrupted like this and the only solution I could find (if you can call it a solution) is to rebuild the project from scratch. Fortunately you should still have all the code (.vb) files to copy/paste into the new project. You might even be able to recreate the form easily by copy/paste into the designer file. Make sure to keep a copy of the old project files as a backup.

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