I am new in C++, and learning the langauge by my self only, while practicing i come across one question for which i have no idea, the question is to calculate area and perimeter of rectangle, the code i wrote was

#include <iostream> 
using namespace std; 
int main () 
       // declaration of variables 
        float length; //length of a rectangle 
        float width; //width of a rectangle 
        float area; //area of a rectangle 
        float perim; //perimeter of a rectangle 
        // prompt for and read the input values 
        cout << "Enter the length of the rectangle" << endl; 
        cin >> length; 
        cout << "Enter the width of the rectangle" << endl; 
        cin >> width; 
        //Calculate the area and the perimeter 
        area = length*width; 
        perim = 2.0*length + 2.0*width; 
        //Display the result 
        cout << "The area is " << area << endl; 
        cout << "The perimeter is " << perim << endl; 
        return 0; 


The program will read the values of length and width from the user trough keyboard and passes these values to the function calculate(T x, T y). The function calculates the area and perimeter of the rectangle and displays the result on the screen. The function returns no value.

Can someone HELP?


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Do you know how to write a function? Surely your book/tutorial/etc tells you how. If you can write a non-templated function (accepting integers as arguments, perhaps) it shouldn't be hard to make it templated.

Maybe this can give a rough idea on how a function is organized

float calculateArea (float length, float breadth)
    return (length * breadth);

float calculatePerimeter (float length, float breadth)
   return (2 * length + 2 * breadth);

and this can be called in main using

cout << "THe area of reactangle is " << calcuateArea (length, width);
cout << "THe perimeter of reactangle is " << calcuatePerimeter (length, width);

Hope it helped,

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