I am new in C++, and learning the langauge by my self only, while practicing i come across one question for which i have no idea, the question is to calculate area and perimeter of rectangle, the code i wrote was

#include <iostream> 
using namespace std; 
int main () 
       // declaration of variables 
        float length; //length of a rectangle 
        float width; //width of a rectangle 
        float area; //area of a rectangle 
        float perim; //perimeter of a rectangle 
        // prompt for and read the input values 
        cout << "Enter the length of the rectangle" << endl; 
        cin >> length; 
        cout << "Enter the width of the rectangle" << endl; 
        cin >> width; 
        //Calculate the area and the perimeter 
        area = length*width; 
        perim = 2.0*length + 2.0*width; 
        //Display the result 
        cout << "The area is " << area << endl; 
        cout << "The perimeter is " << perim << endl; 
        return 0; 


The program will read the values of length and width from the user trough keyboard and passes these values to the function calculate(T x, T y). The function calculates the area and perimeter of the rectangle and displays the result on the screen. The function returns no value.

Can someone HELP?


Do you know how to write a function? Surely your book/tutorial/etc tells you how. If you can write a non-templated function (accepting integers as arguments, perhaps) it shouldn't be hard to make it templated.

Maybe this can give a rough idea on how a function is organized

float calculateArea (float length, float breadth)
    return (length * breadth);

float calculatePerimeter (float length, float breadth)
   return (2 * length + 2 * breadth);

and this can be called in main using

cout << "THe area of reactangle is " << calcuateArea (length, width);
cout << "THe perimeter of reactangle is " << calcuatePerimeter (length, width);

Hope it helped,